Environmental respect & responsability

Corporate Responsability

Everything began when The Fashion Duel by Greenpeace denounced the presence of highly toxic substances in certain kind of textile products.

Marini Industrie recognizes the importance of eliminating hazardous substances from the production cycle.

For this reason, in February 2016, we signed the Detox commitment, sponsored by Greenpeace, taking part in a process of continuous improvement  that provides for the progressive elimination, by 2020, of 11 substances considered dangerous.

In addition to signing the Detox commitment, Marini Industrie joined in October 2016 – along with 26 others italian companies – the Italian Consortium Detox Implementation (CID). The consortium employs a Technical Scientific Committee which includes Greenpeace.

This course aims to enrich our commitment to the environment and health of workers and consumers through the use of products and high quality workmanship.

Thanks to Greenpeace and his Detox program we’ll do our part in trying to eliminate these  11 priority hazardous chemical groups from fashion production:

Alkyl phenols & their ethoxylates (APEOS); Phthalates; Brominated and chlorinated flame retardants; Azo dyes; Organotin compounds; Per— and poly—fluorinated chemicals; Chlorobenzenes; Chlorinated solvents; Chlorophenols; Short chain chlorinated paraffins; Heavy  etals such as cadmium, lead, mercury and chromium (VI).

The Detox program is designed to start the gradual elimination of these groups within 2020, and Marini Industrie has still eliminated 9 of them. Hereunder you can find two kind of analysis, we made on highly representative samples of our production, respecting the agreement we signed up.

Logo Detox Greenpeace

Marini Industrie - Detox

The analysis are made on highly representative samples of our production