Exhibition Vivere l’impresa

Volti e ambienti nelle aziende di Prato photo by Daniel V. Kevorkian Museo del Tessuto di Prato MAY – JULY 2012  Within the framework of the project to support the art of textiles, Marini Industrie supplied the fabrics for the material part of the pictures by Patrizia Bogani, who formerly taught at the Tullio Buzzi Institute and the faculty of textile marketing of the University of Florence. The artist blends colour and materials with an emotional abstract approach that generates creations with a life of their own, bursting with colour and contrasts, a cultural echo of a history closely bound
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Exhibition Intessuti di luce

in collaboration with the artist Patrizia Bogani Museo Marino Marini di Pistoia JUNE – JULY 2011 Marini Industrie has offered its premises and the skill of its craftsmen as the set for the photographic material of Daniel V. Kevorkian, an exceptionally promising young photographer specialising in industry. The exhibition is part of the events for the centenary of the Prato Industrialists Association, and is aimed at celebrating the value represented by work in an environment such as Prato, where the individual is often the driving force of a passion that extends well beyond mere professional experience.
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