Marini Industrie bets on regenerated luxury and presents Re•Luxury

It’s called Re•Luxury, the latest creation from Marini Industrie, a collection “designed to tell our personal reinterpretation of luxury through the reuse of noble fibers,” explains Riccardo Marini, the company’s president. Re•Luxury is named so because it allows for the revival of the beauty of cashmere sweaters, worn before and then recovered through careful hand selection. Once “purified” from buttons, seams, and zippers – thanks to a 100% made in Prato process – those same sweaters are transformed into regenerated yarn ready to become fabric.



Cashmere garments ready to be recycled (Prato, 2023)


The hand selection of cashmere garments (Prato, 2023)

The new collection will be presented at Première Vision (2023 July 4-6) and becomes part of the Marini Industrie product family, alongside The Stretch Linen – a stretch linen fabric developed by the company in the early 1990s – and the traceable and water-washable H2Wool.

“The birth of Re•Luxury is the result of a natural evolution, as every choice we make – from season to season – aims to reduce our impact on the environment. It is a necessity that concerns the entire fashion supply chain, and we want to do our part by providing brands with a fabric that is beautiful, luxurious, durable, and at the same time sustainable,” adds Riccardo Marini. “Since the acquisition of Assotex in 2015, we have had a clear goal: to convert the line of jacket and coat fabrics into a line of creations that are always luxurious but recycled.”

“Our goal is to build collections by 2025 that are part of a virtuous cycle capable of reducing environmental impact. We are working to ensure that the data collected along the textile supply chain can interact with each other and enable close monitoring of emissions and objectives,” concludes Francesco Marini.